Army holds interaction programme with shopkeepers association in Khanabal




SRINAGAR:-Aimed at expanding the outreach of army pers with civilians, an informal interaction was org with the Dak Bungalow Shopkeepers Association at Khanabal COB.


Coy Cdr and Senior JCO interacted with the President and members of the association on various topics including the Amarnath Yatra, employment opportunities for youth and various rumors floating on social media.


The shopkeepers enquired regarding the rumours and news pertaining addl dply in the valley and were informed that it was routine dply to thwart any nefarious designs of the trts.


They were assured that the Army was there to ensure peace and tranquility in the AOR and would leave no stone unturned to enable them to peacefully go about running their business. The shopkeepers assured the Coy Cdr that they would guide their brethren to maint a conducive and friendly atmosphere in the market and work hand in hand with the army to achive the same.


Few shopkeepers requested the Coy Cdr for permission to maintain their roof which had seepage due to ongoing monsoon.


The coy cdr assured the shopkeepers that the matter would be discussed with the appropriate auth and whole hearted sp would be provided.


The civilians appreciated the respectful and professional behaviour of the HIDCOP teams especially deployed around the Market.


They Association president and owner of Hotel Universal thanked the Eagle Coy, 1 RR for arranging the interaction and appreciated the amicable dialogue and sp of Khanabal Garrison provided towards maint a safe and conducive environment.

The event culminated with sumptuous tea and snacks for the guests after which Coy Cdr along with few members proceeded to survey the roof which the shopkeepers wished to repair along the Garisson perimeter wall and sentry post.

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