Satura Army provides assistance to flash flood hit Hajinar

SRINAGAR:-03 AUG :-The vill Hajinar in the AOR of the Satura TOB of 42 RR faced flash flood on the morning of 03 Aug 2019, due to heavy rains in the gen area.

The flash flood caused hvy damages to the houses, bldgs and roads in the area, thus disrupting the life and causing financial loss to people.

Satura TOB Cdr rushed to the Hajinar vill early morning and was the first helping hand reaching to the affected villagers.

The COB Cdr assessed the sit on grnd, comforted people thus containing the panic sit and assured all possible assistance to them. Endeavors of the COB Cdr ensured that the reps of Civil Adm reached there well in time, took stock of the losses to the villagers, thus initiating the process of financial compensation to the affected.

The civs felt reassured with the timely assistance provided by the Satura TOB of 42 RR, to ameliorate their condition and appreciated the same from their heart.

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