2023 Academy Award Winner Guneet Monga Kapoor alongside Indian American Chef and Filmmaker Vikas Khanna to Produce the Oscar Qualified Animated Short American Sikh

Mumbai, Nov 14 : Ryan Westra and Vishavjit Singh teamed up on American Sikh with 2023 Academy Award winner Guneet Monga Kapoor (Elephant Whisperer) and popular chef Vikas Khanna serve as Executive producers for this important film.
The true and unlikely story of an American born, turban-wearing Sikh man, Vishavjit Singh, who after a lifetime of facing prejudice, self-doubt and violence, finally finds acceptance in a superhero costume.
Guneet Monga Kapoor is not only the first producer in India to win an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short for Elephant Whisperer, she is also one of the first producers from India to be invited into the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. Vikas Khanna is an internationally acclaimed Indian American chef, filmmaker, and author.
American Sikh was created in partnership with Singh as the director/producer and Los Angeles-based director Ryan Westra.
Director/Producer Vishavjit Singh is a New York City based illustrator, writer, performance artist, diversity speaker and creator of For the past few years Vishavjit has been traveling across the U.S. with his Sikh Captain America persona with a turban, beard and humor to tackle fear, anxiety, bigotry and intolerance. He uses storytelling as a tool to create a space for challenging conversations around identity, race, bias, vulnerability and how to be agents for change.
In just over a month it won four top film awards including Best Short Animation at Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama, Best Animation at San Diego International Film Festival, Grand Jury Award for Best Short Documentary at Tasveer Film Festival in Seattle and the Audience Choice Award at Tasveer Film Festival.
AMERICAN SIKH has qualified to be considered for a 2024 Academy Award.

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