Adarsh Gourav had to learn about the Unique Business Model of the Malegaon Film Industry for Reema Kagti’s next, Superman of Malegaon

Adarsh Gourav, the versatile actor known for his insightful perspectives, sheds light on the distinctive dynamics of the Malegaon film industry through his involvement in Reema Kagti’s upcoming venture. “Superman of Malegaon” delves into the heart of this vibrant film industry, offering audiences an intriguing peek behind the scenes.

Beyond financial gains, Adarsh recognizes the filmmakers’ deep-rooted passion for the craft and their genuine love for cinema. This fervor is palpable and serves as a driving force behind their creative pursuits.

Being a part of “Superman of Malegaon” proved to be an invaluable learning experience for Adarsh Gourav. Immersed in the world of Malegaon film industry, he gained a profound understanding of its unique approach to filmmaking and the unwavering dedication that fuels this unconventional yet thriving cinematic landscape.

In the 1990s, Malegaon filmmakers initially created parodies of well-known commercial movies like Sholay, Don, Shaan amongst many others. Over time, there was a shift towards crafting original narratives set in Malegaon. The advent of the YouTube era around the late 2000s led to a surge in filmmakers establishing their own channels.

Today, Malegaon boasts numerous thriving channels producing 10-15 minute comedy sketches and spoofs, garnering millions of views. This journey of storytelling in Malegaon has evolved from humble makeshift theaters exclusively featuring Bollywood films, to crafting spoofs of popular movies, and now producing content released on YouTube. It’s important to note that these Malegaon productions are not full-length feature films, but rather short content and reels on YouTube. Many of these channels have amassed millions of followers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Recently, traditional theaters have reverted to showcasing 1990s-style Bollywood entertainment. Numerous smaller theaters and video parlors have shuttered, leaving only a few larger venues actively screening new Bollywood releases on Fridays.

Says Adarsh, “Malegaon’s filmmakers have a unique approach. While the films may be different, they’ve cracked the code on a solid business model, reaping substantial profits. Beyond the numbers, their passion for cinema shines through, making each project a labor of love. Almost all their films make money, and that module stems from the industry itself which has mastered the art of understanding and delivering authentically truly a cinema genre that is their own”. 

Reema Kagti, the visionary director behind “Superman of Malegaon”, skillfully captures the essence of this distinctive film industry, offering audiences a thought-provoking and engaging cinematic narrative.

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