After 33 years, Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Prakram Navmi

Srinagar Nov 21: After a gap of 33 years Kashmiri pandits in the valley celebrated Prakram Navmi on Tuesday.
This was a tradition in Kashmir to circumambulate (Parikrama) Hari Parbat Shrine (entire hill rock of Hari Parbat) in Kartik month of Hindu calendar.
Sharika Chakreshwar Sanastha under the leadership of Ranjeet Gurkha ably revived this centuries old tradition where in lot of devotees took parikrama early on the cold winter morning.
Ranjeet called this as a welcome step towards the return of Kashmiryat and Kashmiri culture of coexistence in the valley.
Civil society member Sandeep Mava also participated in this Parikrama.

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