B2V5- Additional Sec YSS Advocates Sports for harmonious development of Youth during Aragam Gojerpati Visit

BANDIPORA Nov 13 : During his public meeting at Panchayat Aragam Gojerpati here Additional Secretary to Government Department of Youth Services and Sports J&K Waseem Raja stressed the significance of youth development and employment opportunities. He underlined the Government’s commitment to creating avenues for the youth, steering them away from detrimental practices like the drug menace. Raja urged the community to actively participate in shaping the future of the region, emphasizing the pivotal role of youth in nation-building.
“These initiatives are not just about sports; they are about holistic development and community well-being. By promoting tourism, we aim to create sustainable employment opportunities for the youth, ensuring they remain engaged in constructive activities,” stated Waseem Raja.
The Government’s multifaceted approach aims to create a conducive environment for youth, combining sports, tourism, and skill development. Raja encouraged local stakeholders to actively contribute to the success of these initiatives, fostering a collaborative effort for the overall upliftment of Aragam. “Sports has power to channelise energies of Youth in the best possible ways and it helps them to grow harmoniously” he further stated.
On the upcoming second day, the focus will shift to promoting sports and youth development. The Department of Youth Services and Sports Bandipora will organize sports activities, and Waseem Raja will oversee the distribution of sports kits among local youth and schools. This initiative underscores the Government’s commitment to fostering physical fitness, teamwork, and community engagement among the region’s youth.
Additional Secretary expressed his enthusiasm for the visit, stating, “These interactions provide invaluable insights that contribute to our ongoing efforts in enhancing the well-being and development of the youth in Jammu and Kashmir. We are keen on leveraging sports as a tool for holistic growth and community building.
Waseem Raja, s senior KAS Officer embarked on a two-day visit to Aragam Gojerpati Panchayat as a visiting officer during B2V5. The visit commenced with a warm welcome extended by, Nazir Ahmed DYSSO Bandipora, accompanied by representatives from various line departments.
The first day of his visit was dedicated to engaging with the local community and Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) through a Public Meeting (Darbar). Held at Panchayat Aragam Gojerpati, the meeting served as a platform for the general public to share their insights on the achievements of the previous year and discuss the challenges currently faced. Acknowledging the rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty of the region, Raja announced various schemes aimed at promoting homestays and cultural experiences to bolster Aragam’s standing on the tourism front.
In a strategic move to harness the potential of local tourism, the government aims to facilitate homestays, preserving and showcasing the cultural richness of Aragam. This initiative aligns with the broader vision of boosting the region’s economic growth and providing unique experiences for travelers.

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