Bijay Anand shares inspiring note for actors, reveals one can battle nepotism and still make it big!

Mumbai, Feb 23 : In the ongoing debate in the Indian Film Industry on nepotism we know how easy it is to be absorbed in this big bad world of Bollywood, by virtue of being a star son or daughter. Pyaar to hona Hi Tha, actor, Bijay Anand however, believes that, despite having an advantage of being blessed with the right pedigree, it is also possible to make it big, purely on the basis of your own talent, hard work and capabilities. And we quote,
“When I entered this industry, I did not even know a spot boy, absolutely no one. I was a rank outsider. After doing numerous serials, where my talent was appreciated and noticed by many, I was casted in the title role of Yash. The songs as we all know went on to become a huge craze in those days and because of Yash I got casted in Pyaar Ho night by Ajay Devgan.

Despite having no network nor networking capabilities this continued after I returned back to this wonderful industry after a gap of 17 years with Siya Ke Ram where I was nominated as best actor in several award functions. Shershah, IB71 and Sultan of Delhi later, I am excited for the release of Aditya Datt’s CRAKK with Vidyut Jhamwal, Nora Fatehi and Arjun Ramphal in the lead.
So, I believe that if you have the talent and the sincerity, you will make it no matter what.
Well, really special and inspiring words of advice grom Bijay. He’s a classic living example of making it count in the industry without any Godfather and we are confident that many others too will seek inspiration by following his footsteps and guidance. Stay tuned for more updates.

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