Book launch event was organized at Oxford Book Store in New Delhi

New Delhi: On Thursday, a book launch event was organized at Oxford Book Store in Connaught Place, New Delhi, featuring the book “The Rise of the BJP” written by Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav and Ila Patnaik. The launching ceremony included book reviewers and political experts discussing national issues on the stage, including critic Sampat Saraswat Bamanwali from Prasar Bharati.
Dr. Kaushik Sarkar, the coordinator on stage, talked about the book’s contents and asked Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav about his personal life and the early days of his association with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Starting with his legal career and then becoming the President of the Labor Association, Yadav talked about his journey in the BJP from being a Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament to his current responsibilities in the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and the Ministry of Labour and Employment. He also discussed the current policies of the Indian government.
Sampat Saraswat Bamanwali requested the Minister to shed light on the future course of action, particularly focusing on the approximately 30 crore unorganized labor class affected by the central government’s policies. he also proposed significant changes in the policies of ESIC hospitals. Additionally, he discussed the connection between the BJP’s past nine years in power and the Plastic-Free India campaign through an environmental movement on the occasion of the country’s 75th Independence Day. he shared her views and also discussed a campaign by a social organization called “The Dream Welfare Society” in Jaipur, which aimed to transform plastic bags used in milk packaging into a new form of bags.
Continuing his address, Sampat Saraswat Bamanwali emphasized the role of Ayurveda in increasing its share in the ESIC Hospital and effectively controlling the rapidly spreading disease “Sickle Cell Anemia” in the bordering regions of the country. he proposed accepting Ayurvedic medicines into the panel of approved medicines. Currently, patients referred to private hospitals for treatment burden the government with expensive medical bills. he suggested providing online counseling through the “Ayush Bharat App” and consultations with renowned Ayurvedic doctors from all over India for all employees availing services at ESIC. Bhupendra Yadav assured that all necessary arrangements would be implemented in the future, and he also emphasized raising awareness about unnecessary electricity consumption and global warming among the people.
The two-hour session witnessed an open discussion and brainstorming on environmental issues, the labor department, and healthcare services through the medium of Ayurveda.

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