Commissioner SMC visits Shalimar area to review Muharram Arrangements

SRINAGAR, JULY 9: Today, Dr. Owais Ahmed, Commissioner, SMC conducted a comprehensive review of the Muharram arrangements in Shalimar and adjoining areas of Srinagar City.

 Accompanied by Joint Commissioners SMC, Executive Engineers SMC, Chief Sanitation Officer SMC and other senior officers of SMC and representatives from various line departments, the visit aimed to assess the preparations and engage with the local community to gather valuable feedback and suggestions.

Following constructive discussions during the visit, Dr. Owais issued a series of directives to address key aspects of the arrangements. A primary focus was placed on the necessity of 24-hour hooper services in the area to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, especially during the ongoing religious observances.

Emphasizing the importance of uninterrupted water supply and electricity during Muharram due to increased demand, the Commissioner directed immediate action to guarantee continuous access to these essential services for residents in Shalimar and neighboring areas.

Additionally, the repair and maintenance of street lights were identified as a top priority to enhance public safety and security during evening processions and events associated with Muharram. Officials were tasked for promptly resolving any issues related to malfunctioning street lights to ensure well-illuminated surroundings.

The proactive approach demonstrated by Commissioner SMC highlights the commitment to ensuring the successful conduct of Muharram observances in Srinagar City.

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