Decade is not enough to construct Noorbagh-Qamarwari bridge in Kashmir

Locals express frustration as vital infrastructure project misses multiple deadlines

SRINAGAR, SEP 23: The Noorbagh-Qamarwari Bridge project, initiated over a decade ago with the promise of easing traffic congestion and improving connectivity, is still far from completion.

Local residents of the area have expressed their frustration as the project continues to miss deadlines and cause daily hardships.

Originally scheduled to be completed within four years, the Noorbagh-Qamarwari Bridge project, executed by the Roads and Buildings (R&B) department, has faced a series of setbacks, leading to significant delays. The ongoing construction has failed to keep up with the increasing traffic volume in the area, making the daily commute a daunting task for the locals.

Bashir Ahmad, a resident of the area, voiced the concerns of many when he said, “Our area is congested, and work on the project is going on at a snail’s pace. This is a project that was initiated in the heart of the city, and we expect the authorities to complete it on time.”

Another resident, Javid Ahmed, lamented the long wait, saying, “I used to go to high school when the work on the bridge started. I completed my Master’s degree, and got married, but the bridge project was never completed.”

An official from the R&B department acknowledged the delays and attributed them to multiple factors. He explained, “The project faced several hurdles, including the need to dismantle certain structures and provide compensation to affected locals. Additionally, natural disasters like floods and the global COVID-19 pandemic further hindered progress. However, the majority of the project is now complete, and we are committed to finishing it soon.”

The official also cited technical design issues and financial constraints as contributing to the project’s delay. He assured that these issues have been resolved, and there is renewed hope that the project will be completed in the near future. Local residents have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the authorities to expedite the project’s formalities, remaining optimistic that the long-awaited Noorbagh-Qamarwari Bridge will soon become a reality and alleviate their daily commuting woes.

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