DGP chairs public grievances redressal programme in Jammu

JAMMU, NOV 25: Director General of Police J&K R.R Swain conducted a public grievances redressal program in Jammu, aiming to address genuine grievances and gain insights from the public to improve police services. This was the second in a series of public grievances redressal programs launched by the DGP J&K recently.

The program, attended by a large number of people, including women from different parts of Jammu Zone, allowed the DGP to hear grievances and assure redressal of genuine issues on a priority basis. Speaking to the media, the DGP highlighted that the initiative aims to boost confidence among people, strengthen police-public connections, and send a message to field formations to ensure grievance redressal at their jurisdictional levels.

He emphasized the critical role of the police in maintaining peace and security, acknowledging the commendable work done by hundreds of police personnel and officers. While recognizing that there might be a few erring individuals, the DGP stated that the police department, as a unit, is doing a commendable job. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the police in maintaining security and emphasized the need to calibrate responses to different situations.

Regarding the prevailing security situation, the DGP urged people to remain alert, emphasizing that the adversary across the border continues to be inimical. However, he reassured that the Indian state and its government have the capability, will, and resoluteness to prevent any major disruptions to normal life, business activities, and peace and security. He encouraged people to report information and emphasized that individual incidents do not indicate a major shift in the overall security scenario.

The DGP also addressed the Rajouri-Poonch incident, highlighting the importance of people coming forward to inform authorities, showcasing their partnership in the fight against adversaries. He noted the enemy’s attempts to disrupt peace and security through illicit activities but assured that such incidents will be taken care of.

At the outset of the program, the DGP requested people to raise issues related to police services and not recruitment or transfers. The initiative focuses on improving services for the public and facilitating redressal of grievances related to police services.”

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