Former NCC Cadet now Flying Officer in IAF: Inspires Cadets at GCW Udhampur

UDHAMPUR, JUNE 20: Government College for Women (GCW) Udhampur today had the honor of hosting an inspiring interaction and felicitation ceremony for Flying Officer Zubiksha Thakur, an alumnus of the College’s 2 JK NCC Bn Girls Unit of Jammu Group, JK&L Directorate, who is now commissioned to serve in the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Flying Officer Zubiksha Thakur, who once wore the NCC uniform at GCW Udhampur, returned to her alma mater to share her journey from a cadet to a commissioned officer in the IAF. Her story is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and the spirit of perseverance.

The event began with a warm welcome by the NCC ANO, Lt (Dr) Kamal Deep Kaur, who highlighted Flying Officer Zubiksha’s achievements and her significant contribution to inspiring young cadets.    

The principal commended the NCC unit for its role in nurturing discipline, leadership, and patriotism among students.

In her address, Flying Officer Zubiksha shared her experiences and challenges she faced while transitioning from an NCC cadet to a flying officer. She emphasized the importance of the values and training imparted by the NCC, which played a crucial role in her success.    “I owe a great deal of my success to the foundational training and values instilled in me during my time with the NCC at GCW Udhampur. It taught me discipline, leadership, and the importance of service to the nation,” she said. She also conducted an interactive session with the current NCC cadets, answering their questions and providing guidance on careers in the armed forces. Her insights and firsthand experiences were invaluable to the young cadets, many of whom aspire to follow in her footsteps.

The cadets were visibly motivated and inspired by the interaction. The event concluded with a felicitation ceremony where Flying Officer Zubiksha Thakur was honored by the college for her exemplary achievements and for serving as a role model for future generations.

Dr. Nalini Pathania, Principal of the college, presented a memento to Flying Officer Zubiksha as a token of appreciation and pride. She remarked, “Zubiksha’s accomplishments bring immense pride to our institution. Her success story will undoubtedly inspire many more cadets to aim high and serve the nation.”This event marks a significant moment for GCW Udhampur, celebrating the success of its alumni and the continued legacy of excellence and service upheld by its NCC unit.

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