J&K Govt strengthens measures to protect public servants from false complaints

Srinagar, June 21: The Government of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has issued fresh instructions to protect public servants from unwarranted harassment and mental agony caused by frivolous, false, and anonymous complaints. The new measures aim to balance good governance with the need for a corruption-free, transparent, and responsive administrative system.
The General Administration Department (GAD) reported an increase in cases of undue harassment through false and frivolous complaints, which often prove meritless upon verification. This trend has affected public servants’ decision-making abilities and caused administrative inertia, impacting government business and public service delivery.
Key features of the strengthened procedure include Institutional support for affected public servants to approach the Crime Branch J&K for initiating criminal proceedings.
Assistance in filing civil lawsuits seeking damages against individuals responsible for false complaints, including compensation for financial losses and emotional distress.
Provision of Law Officers from the Department of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs to assist with legal remedies for acts done in official capacity.
Arrangement of formal inquiries by relevant registering authorities for complaints filed by registered organizations.
These new measures build upon previous instructions that focused on prosecuting false complainants under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure.
The government has directed all Administrative Departments, Heads of Departments, and Cadre Controlling Authorities to implement these new guidelines. The move is expected to provide much-needed protection to honest public servants while maintaining the integrity of the complaint redressal system.
The instructions reiterate that legitimate complaints must be lodged with appropriate authorities through proper channels, with complainants required to disclose their identity. The government continues to follow guidelines for disposing of anonymous complaints, which are in line with those issued by the central government.
This policy update reflects the J&K administration’s commitment to creating a fair and efficient working environment for public servants while upholding the principles of accountability and transparency in governance.

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