Never imagined I would portray Vajpayee’s childhood role in a television show, says Vyom Thakkar

Mumbai, Nov 27 : The newbie child artist Vyom Thakkar is all set to step into the television industry with not only a lead role but also a notable one, that of ‘Young Atal’ in &TV’s new show ‘Atal’. After going through over 300+ auditions of various child artists, Vyom was finalised to essay Young Atal, depicting the formative years of one of the most prominent Prime Ministers of India, the late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In a brief interview with us, the young Vyom shares his excitement about his first television show and essaying the childhood role of a prominent leader. Here are the excerpts from the interview:
Qns : This is your first television show. How does it feel?
Ans : I am very happy, and so are my friends! They proudly go and announce to everyone on my television debut. Everyone is so excited. I have experience in ads, print ads, and runway modelling. The selection process was long, as many children auditioned for the role. I think about 300+ auditions and feel lucky to be chosen among many. My parents were super excited, and so were my family and friends. We all are waiting for the day to see me on screen. It will be a big celebration at home!
Qns : What’s your favourite part about playing the young version of this great leader on TV?
Ans My favourite part is that I learned a lot about our late Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, which no history book or anyone could have told me about easily. Not only am I excited about the role, but also thankful for being chosen for it. Apart from this, I also enjoy wearing a costume of that era and reliving his childhood moments, which most people don’t know much about. It’s like a history class with role-play – isn’t it such an interesting way to learn?
Qns : Did you learn anything interesting or important about Atal Ji while preparing for your role?
Ans : Absolutely! I had only heard about him in our history books and from my parents, but I never imagined that someday I would portray his childhood role in a television show! We also had a workshop to help me prepare for the role, which allowed me to learn much about him. Also, one common factor I could relate to was that he was quite influenced by his grandfather and very attached to his mother, just like me!
Qns : Can you tell us about the adventures or fun moments you’ve had on set?
Ans :Oh, there have been so many fun moments! One day, I wanted to play cricket on the sets after my scenes were done. So, after convincing a few people around me to play with me, the entire crew got into the game after the pack-up. It was so much fun! I get ample breaks to eat, study and play, so there is never a dull moment.
Qns : How do you prepare for a day of shoot? Is there something special you do before getting into character?
Ans : To begin with, we had an extensive workshop to help each of us prepare for our character with a detailed briefing, performance, and learning. It helped me a lot to know and understand my role and how to go about it. Before every shoot, I practise my lines with the co-actors and the writer. Everyone is so forthcoming and helpful. They help, guide, and encourage me a lot. My parents also help me prepare as I prepare for tests, exams, or homework.
Qns : What’s it like working with the other actors and the director on the show?
Ans :The other actors are so warm and welcoming. They teach and play with me and have become my buddies. Similarly, the Director and Writer helped me understand the scenes and lines and made it easy to give my best shot. They encourage me a lot. I see them as the captains of our fun adventure ship on set. We all work together; it feels like a big, entertaining family.
Qns : Are there any similarities between you and the young leader you portray on screen?
Ans : First, what I like the most about Young Atal’s personality is his sense of humour and poetry. I don’t have either of these, but I am as curious as he was, and I think we both have big dreams, which makes us similar. I hope one day I can be as great as he was!
Qns : What message or lesson do you hope kids watching the show will take away from your portrayal of this leader’s childhood?
Ans I hope kids see that even when you’re little, you can dream big and be a kind and brave person. My character shows that even the greatest leaders started as kids with big hearts and dreams. It is about believing in yourself and going after what you truly believe.
Watch Vyom Thakkar as young Atal in ‘Atal’, premiering on Dec 5th at 8:00 pm only on &TV!

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