Passenger causes scene on Avianca flight after being double-booked: Watch the viral standoff

Colombia June 26: A furious passenger caused a major disruption after refusing to leave an Avianca flight from Los Angeles, USA, to Bogotá, Colombia, claiming he was double-booked.

He reportedly purchased his ticket three months in advance, yet flight attendants informed him that the flight was oversold, leaving no seats available for him. Despite being asked to deplane, the man refused to comply, per the Columbian media.

In the video, the irate man can be seen vehemently arguing with the cabin crew with swinging hand gestures over what he perceived as unjust treatment. “Don’t give me bad options, I need to get there,” he insisted, asserting his profession by adding, “I’m a lawyer, you should respect me.”

“I paid for it, they deducted it from my card, you haven’t given me anything, it wasn’t a favor! It seems disrespectful to me that you would sell something you don’t have,” he stated.

Upon noticing the camera, he defiantly said, “And film what you want, I hope I become famous.”

Tensions escalated, and the flight attendants threatened to call the police. However, the white-shirted passenger stood his ground, yelling that he hoped the prosecutor’s office would arrive so he could “file a report.”

He argued, “You can’t be playing with people’s plans.”

This caused the man to voluntarily leave the plane out of coherent concern for the passengers indoors. The other travellers clapped as he left.

In Colombia, the selling of flight tickets is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. According to regulations, the airline should have offered the affected passenger an alternative way to reach their destination on the same date and via the same route. If that was not possible, they were required to compensate him for a minimum of 30% of the ticket’s value.

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