Power reforms: Govt appoints nodal officers to address people’s concerns over smart meters

JAMMU, SEPT 26: In a significant move aimed at improving customer service and enhancing the efficiency of power distribution, the Jammu Power Development Corporation Limited (JPDCL) and Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) have appointed Dedicated Nodal Officers for the redressal of smart meter grievances.

Although installation of electric smart meters is a major step in streamlining the power distribution and eradicating the theft of power, enabling better management and billing accuracy. However, like any technology, there are instances of several technical issues or errors faced by consumers. To address these concerns and ensure seamless consumer experiences, JPDCL and KPDCL have taken proactive steps by appointing Nodal Officers from various subdivisions across the region.

Following the allegations of faults in smart meters by the public across Jammu and Srinagar city, as people were not able to examine meter readings, the Managing Director JPDCL had directed that meters shall preferentially be installed on consumers’ house walls. To ensure a seamless and transparent installation process, JPDCL officials will accompany the vendors at the time of meter installation.

“Consumers are encouraged to reach out to their respective Nodal Officers with any smart meter-related concerns, such as billing discrepancies, connectivity issues, or other technical problems. The contact details of these officers will be made readily available to the public through official communication channels,” said an official.

Dedicated Nodal Officers will play a pivotal role in resolving consumer complaints related to smart meters, which can be reported through calls, SMS or WhatsApp. They have been given the mandate to address and resolve grievances promptly, ensuring that consumers have a hassle-free experience with their smart meters.

By addressing smart meter-related complaints promptly, the power utilities aim to foster greater trust and satisfaction among consumers.

“We understand the significance of smart meters in modernizing the power distribution network and promoting energy efficiency. However, we also acknowledge that technical glitches can occur. Our Dedicated Nodal Officers are here to ensure that any issues are resolved swiftly, and consumers can enjoy the benefits of Smart Meters without disruption,” said a senior PDD official.

This initiative is expected to lead to more efficient power distribution, reduced consumer grievances, and a more transparent and responsive power sector in Jammu and Kashmir. With Dedicated Nodal Officers now in place, JPDCL and KPDCL are taking a significant step toward ensuring that smart meters continue to contribute positively to the region’s electricity infrastructure while providing consumers with reliable and hassle-free services.

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