Prominent Kashmiri Pandit seeks lifting of ban on Ashoora procession

Srinagar, July 10: In yet another display of communal harmony, a prominent Kashmir Pandit, Satish Mahaldar, has written to the government of Jammu and Kashmir, seeking lifting of ban on the Ashoora procession in Srinagar.
Satish Mahaldar, Chairman of JK Peace Forum, has written a letter to the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, Chief Secretary Atal Dulloo and Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Vijay Kumar Bidhuri.
In a letter, the prominent Kashmir Pandit has sought lifting of ban on historic Ashoora Muharram processions from Abi Guzur, Lalchowk to Ali Park Zadibal Srinagar.  
“May I submit as under for your early and prompt consideration that ban on historic Muthida Jaloos e Ashura Procession Muharram from Abi Guzur, Lalchowk to Ali Park Zadibal Srinagar is still in place. That by your efforts and interventions ban on 8th Muharram Procession last year in 2023 from Gurubazar to Dalgate route in Srinagar was lifted after 30 years and the said Muharram procession was carried out peacefully,” the letter reads.
“That in last year’s Muharram Meeting held in the Police Control room it was promised by the Srinagar District Administration that in 2024 Ban on Historic Muthida Jaloos e Ashura Procession will be lifted as they want to see how 8th Muharram Procession remains. Therefore, your early intervention is required so that the ban on Historic Muthida Jaloos e Ashura Procession be lifted on similar lines,” the letter added.
Pertinently, Muharram is one of Islam’s holiest months when Shia Muslims across the world take out processions to mourn the martyrdom of Husayn Ibn Ali al-Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, who was martyred in 680 AD at the Battle of Karbala, which is in present-day Iraq.
Last year, the Jammu and Kashmir administration allowed the 8th Muharram procession through the heart of Srinagar, after having had it banned for more than three decades. However, the procession on Ashoora—10th Muharram continued to remain banned and was not allowed last year also.

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