Tourism Directorate Jammu Celebrates World Tourism Day with Heritage, Adventure and Sustainability at Mubarak Mandi Heritage complex

JAMMU, SEPTEMBER 27: The Directorate of Tourism Jammu illuminated the spirit of World Tourism Day with an enchanting celebration hosted at the iconic Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex today. The event, themed “Tourism and Green Investments,” highlighted the vital role of eco-friendly practices in shaping a sustainable tourism future.

The spectacular event, held today, stands as a testament to the department’s unwavering commitment not only to promote tourism but also to preserve the rich cultural heritage of this historically significant region.

Addressing the media Director Tourism Jammu,   Vivekanand Rai, emphasized that this celebration served as a beacon of awareness for Sustainable Tourism, emphasizing the pivotal role it plays in addressing climate change and fostering innovative solutions for environmental preservation. He further added that this celebration was a poignant reminder of the inseparable link between the well-being of the environment and the growth and productivity of the tourism sector.

 Sunaina Mehta Sharma, Joint Director Tourism underscored that the tourism sector is a driving force for employment generation and sustainable tourism /Eco friendly practices are essential for preserving our planet and ensuring that future generations can cherish the world’s beauty. Miss. Sharma, as a leader in this field, emphasized on the need to reflect on responsible tourism , honour local culture, and support host communities. She urged everyone to work together to make tourism a positive force, striving for a future where tourism enriches lives, respects the planet, and fosters global unity.

The day was filled with enlightening panel discussions that brought together a distinguished group of experts from Jammu University, adding tremendous value to the event. The esteemed panelists were Nisha Pandit, Director (operations) -Authentic journeys India and beyond;  Honeyka Mahajan-faculty SHTM ,JU;  Vaibhav Sharma, Entrepreneur and Founder of Travelers dost;  Ranjeet Singh, Research Scholar, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM),University of Jammu.

The panel discussions were moderated by Ashmit, a student of School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM), University of Jammu.

These luminaries engaged in captivating conversations that delved into various facets of tourism potential and promotion in the resplendent land of Jammu. The themes explored included the latest initiatives undertaken by the Directorate of Tourism in Jammu, the formidable challenges faced, Jammu’s emergence as a hub of adventure tourism, the imperative of eco-tourism, and the promotion of sustainable tourism practices. Moreover, the event also shed light on the “Go Green (Mission Life)” initiatives aimed at harmonizing tourism with environmental conservation.

Furthermore, these distinguished dignitaries not only shared their wisdom during the panel discussions but also actively participated in a conscientious cleanliness drive at the Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex, alongside prominent citizens and representatives from the travel trade fraternity including Capt. Anil Gaur, President TAAJ,  Amrik Singh, President JATO,  Pankaj Vaid Treasurer TAAJ,  Rajinder Sharma, Gen. Secy. TAAJ, and other esteemed members of TAAJ like  Sanjay Gupta,  Daljeet Dubey &  Bawa Sawhney. Their hands-on involvement underscored the commitment of the Directorate of Tourism towards preserving the sanctity of historical landmarks and promoting responsible tourism.

Abdul Jabbar, Deputy Director, Tourism, added, “As we look forward, the Directorate of Tourism, Jammu, remains committed to the cause of enhancing the tourism landscape of this exquisite region while preserving its natural beauty and historical splendor.

 In addition to the Mubarak Mandi, World Tourism Day was celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm across all the Districts of Jammu Division by Tourist Office staff through cleanliness drives, Plantation drives , awareness camps at various tourist destinations.

The World Tourism Day 2023 at Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex was a remarkable event that showcased the tourism potential and the cultural heritage of Jammu. The Directorate of Tourism, Jammu, along with the experts, the travel trade fraternity and the citizens, demonstrated their commitment to promote sustainable tourism practices and preserve the environment. The celebration also highlighted the importance of creating awareness and fostering innovation in the tourism sector.

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