Triptii Dimri Finds Bliss in Bhopal’s Charm on Day Off

Mumbai, Nov 22 : In a break from the lights and cameras, popular actor Triptii Dimri, known for her roles in “Bulbul” and “Qala,” took some time off in Bhopal. The city, where Triptii is currently working on a new project, saw the actor exploring its local charm during her day off.
Triptii opted for a peaceful boat ride on Upper Lake, enjoying Bhopal’s natural beauty. Later, she wandered through the lively streets, delighting in the diverse flavors of Bhopal’s street food.
This laid-back day off gives us a glimpse into Triptii Dimri’s connection with Bhopal beyond the movie sets. While fans eagerly await details of her upcoming project, this local adventure reveals a different side of the actor, blending seamlessly with the essence of Bhopal.

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