Under Secy MWCD reviews functioning of SAKHI-OSC at Bandipora

BANDIPORA, SEPT 08: Under Secretary, Union Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), Lalit Grover today paid a surprise visit to SAKHI-One Stop Centre (OSC) here.
The purpose of the visit was to have an overall review and evaluation of the centres operations and functionality.
During the visit, Lalit Grover expressed satisfaction at the facilities in newly constructed OSC building and commended the dedication and hard work of the centre’s staff members. He was particularly impressed with the efficient functioning of the staff and seamless coordination between the One Stop Centre Bandipora and the District Administration through district Social Welfare department.
In his assessment, Grover lauded the exemplary performance of the OSC and its collaboration with the local administration, noting its positive impact on the community.
The surprise visit by Lalit Grover not only recognized and appreciated the efforts of the SAKHI One Stop Centre but also to encouraged and motivated the team to continue their invaluable service to the community.
The OSC Bandipora remains steadfast in its commitment to providing essential support to women and children in need, and Lalit Grover’s visit has further bolstered their determination to carry out their mission effectively.
This visit also reaffirms the Ministry’s commitment in ensuring the well-being and safety of women across India.

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