Zee Theatre’s musical ‘Aaj Rang Hai’ celebrates the diversity and vibrance of India

The teleplay also tells a human story of great poignance and can now be watched on ZEE5

Mumbai, Feb : Purva Naresh’s acclaimed teleplay ‘Aaj Rang Hai’ derives its name from a Hazrat Amir Khusrau qawwali written in Hindavi and Braj Bhasha. The musical celebrates the vibrant colours of a syncretic India and revisits classical music traditions and Sufi poetry to tell a powerful story. The teleplay revolves around Beni Bai, an erstwhile baithak singer, and her neighbourhood where different faiths intermingle harmoniously till a riot destroys everything. Will there be a resurgence of peace and hope? Watch what happens to Beni Bai and her neighbours Fanney, Sharda, Ameena, and Vidya on ZEE5.
Filmed by Sourabh Shrivastava and directed for the stage by Purva Naresh, the teleplays stars Trishla Patel, Sarika Singh, Prerna Chawla, Pritika Chawla, Purva Naresh herself, Pawan Uttam, Imran Rasheed, Sukant Goel, Rajshree Deshpande and others.
Where: ZEE5

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