Atlee is collaborating with a Hollywood writer

‘If SRK and Vijay say yes, it will be my next film’

CHENNAI, NOV 15: In a recent interview with TV presenter Gopinath, Atlee shared an important update about his next project. After delivering a historic success for Shah Rukh Khan with Jawan, which went to collect more than Rs 1100 crore at the box office, the director has remained tight-lipped about his next project. Now, he has finally opened up about what he is upto.

Atlee said that he has gotten approval from both Shah Rukh and Vijay for a dual-hero film during the making of Jawan. The trio met on the birthday party of the director where the two stars told him that they are game for a film starring both of them. Atlee said he is sincerely working on a script for them and it might end up becoming his next project.

When asked if the Shah Rukh Khan-Vijay film is confirmed, Atlee said, “I am currently working with a Hollywood writer on a script. If they (Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan) are satisfied with it, it will be my next project.” When probed what the film is about, Atlee said, “People have been telling me to do something different than the same old things. I am genuinely trying to do it with this film. It will be something that people haven’t seen in the past 30 years of cinema. It will be something that I have never done before.”

Atlee also assured that he will stop some of his usual cliches like flashbacks and killing his heroines. “I will kill the brother instead (laughs). I am trying to make something else work.”

Atlee said Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan have a great relationship. “In the last four years, I have seen their equation evolve. They respect each other very much.” Currently, Atlee is shuttling between Chennai and Mumbai as he is in talks with a lot of stars from Bollywood for future projects.

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