Attachment of Jammu NCC Cadets with 92 Base Hospital, Srinagar

Jammu, July 12 : Attachment of NCC Cadets of Srinagar NCC Group with 92 Base Hospital, Srinagar comprising of a strength of 31 Cadets including 17 Senior Division cadets and 14 Senior Wing cadets is in progress from 06 Jul 2023 to 17 Jul 2023. This is the first of its kind initiative taken with the intent to train cadets in providing medical first aid and handle emergency medical cases.
The training curriculum includes first aid, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Safety in healthcare facilities, Basic Medical asepsis and hand washing, Surgical asepsis and Cleaning of an open wound, Fractures, Chest pain, Diarrhea, Unconsciousness, Shock Management, and bandaging for various wounds.
This attachment will help in creating a young, NCC trained and motivated paramedic force that can help society in medical emergent situations arising during calamities.

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