Cadet Simran Kumari from GDC Kishtwar demonstrates outstanding performance at Para Basic Course in Agra

KISHTWAR, NOV 17: Cadet Simran Kumari, a dedicated cadet from Government Degree College Kishtwar, has exemplified exceptional valor and determination by actively participating in the rigorous Para Basic Course conducted at the esteemed Para Training School in Agra.
Cadet Simran Kumari’s involvement in the course is especially commendable, having leapt alongside DG NCC India, Lt General Gurbir Pal Singh AVSM VSM, a true testament to her dedication and commitment to excelling in this domain.
The prestigious Para Basic Course, an intensive training regiment, accommodates a select group of 40 young men and 40 women cadets annually.
This training demands a pinnacle of physical prowess, requiring candidates to achieve formidable benchmarks such as running 1 km within 4 minutes, performing 5–6 pull-ups, 22 push-ups, and 36 squats—a testament to the requisite stamina and fortitude to become a paratrooper.
The journey to becoming a paratrooper is arduous, commencing approximately 4 months prior to the camp. Prospective candidates undergo a rigorous selection process, involving interviews at the unit, group, and directorate levels, ensuring only the most deserving and fortunate individuals are bestowed the opportunity to partake in the Para Basic Course.
Cadet Simran Kumari’s participation not only reflects her personal commitment but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring youth, showcasing the possibilities achievable through unwavering determination and unwavering dedication to the pursuit of excellence.

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