CS reviews smooth conduct of ongoing VBSY

Asks for creating an account for his direct supervision of the yatra

JAMMU, NOV 18: An important meeting chaired by Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta today took stock of the milestones achieved during the ongoing Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra (VBSY) and to set a clear path for ensuring the desired outcomes during its progress here in the UT.
In the outset of the meeting, Secretary, PD&MD, presented a comprehensive brief elucidating the VBSY’s essence, encompassing flagship schemes for rural/urban areas and additional targeted programs for tribal districts and blocks.
The meeting highlighted the roles and responsibilities at different levels right from GoI upto Panchayat level in conjunction with associated central and local organizations.
Focused on assessing its progress, the Chief Secretary stressed on the saturation of diverse government schemes within a defined timeline. Clear directives were given emphasizing detailed scrutiny of status of each scheme, besides specific instructions to relevant departments and authorities for their effective implementation of directives.
Dr Mehta asked officers to ensure due commitment to efficient execution and interdepartmental coordination for accomplishment of the stipulated goals of VBSY. He underscored the importance of a cohesive approach to navigate the multifaceted landscape of the UT during the course of this yatra.
He also took note of the proactive initiatives, including the establishment of control rooms, committees at various levels, and vital appointments to steer the VBSY’s implementation across J&K. He maintained that the noteworthy achievements be properly recorded and also laid out the groundwork for finalizing route plans for IEC vans for GP-level events, and successful launch of the same in tribal blocks.
The other directives spanned a broad spectrum, encompassing scheme saturation, public awareness campaigns, financial inclusion measures, and seamless coordination among diverse departments.
The meticulous directives emphasized an all-encompassing approach, demanding detailed coordination and monitoring mechanisms, such as the creation of a specialized user account for the Chief Secretary to oversee field-level activities.
The Chief Secretary expressed the hope that J&K shall achieve all round saturation of individual beneficiary schemes and contribute its bit to achieve the goal of Viksit Bharat.

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