War Wounded Foundation- Empowering Soldiers to Convert Disability Into Ability

Nagrota : 20 Nov : A Rally was held at Nagrota by the joint efforts of Northern Command and War Wounded Foundation (WWF) on 19 and 20 November 2023. War Wounded Foundation was raised at Delhi, as a NGO by Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi and Maj Gen Ian Cardozo with an aim to empower War Wounded Soldiers by converting Disability into Ability. Presently, Lt Gen Asit Mistri(Retired) is the President of WWF. Retired Army Persons are appointed in different geographic Zones, for maintaining intricate and close Liaison with the Disabled Soldiers
WWF has been able to provide a common platform to all the Injured Soldiers and is putting sustained efforts in a systematic and effective way to understand, analyze and project various issues related to Wounded Soldiers with the appropriate authorities. Injuries have an effect on the physical and mental health of a soldier. A Chair of Excellence has been established by WWF at USI, New Delhi, for research on issues related to Injured Soldiers, and the recommendations are put forward to the Government.
It was seen that Injuries sustained by the Soldiers, besides restricting mobility, may require 24/7 help from an Attendant and Psychological health may require professional assistance. Through innovative means, the Rally almost every year attempts to address the above mentioned and other issues related to Injured Soldiers.
A two day Rally was organised at Nagrota, on 19 and 20 Nov 2023. On 19 November, an interaction was carried out in Jammu Cantonment between 110 Disabled Soldiers and prominent Citizens / Organizations of Jammu. This was a unique interaction, where the Citizens Felicitated the War Heroes and expressed their gratitude for the sacrifices made by the soldiers. Travel Agents Association, Jammu made commendable efforts to bring various Organization under one umbrella , with the presence of imminent Citizens. Lt Gen Asit Mistry(Retired) educated the gathering about the efforts of WWF, to help Injured Soldiers in various fields. Mr. ID Soni spoke on the requirement of Sacrifices to maintain Freedom and the need to keep the Morale of Soldiers high by including stories of their valor in school text books to make the youth proud of the Armed Forces. Vote of Thanks was delivered by Capt Anil Gour, on behalf of all Organizations of Jammu. Officials of Chamber of Commerce, BBIA, Travel Agents Association, Raghunath Bazar Business Association, PHDCCI, Jammu Hills Club, NCCHWO, Rotary Club Jammu Tawi/Jammu Elite/City, Old Age Home Amphalla, Agarwwal Samaj, SS Jain Sabha Talab Tiloo/Trikuta Nagar, Jain Mahila Mandal Talab Tillo and Greater Jammu Virtual felicitated the Brave Soldiers. As a gesture to exhibit Jointness of efforts, officials of various Organizations extended their support to find suitable Employment in Industries for Injured soldiers. The occasion was graced by Senior Army Officers from Nagrota and Jammu.
On 20th Nov, a Rally was held at Nagrota. GOC White Knight Corps addressed the gathering. In the presence of Lt Gen Asit Mistri (Retired) and other Officials of WWF/Army, The GOC presented 10 Modified Scooters to Injured Soldiers. This would make them independent for their day today movements and help them to start new ventures.
A Symposium was also held by experts in the field of Mental and physical health (Dr Vikas Padha, MD), Job Opportunities (Mr Anil Suri) and Motivation and Positivity(Col Ajay Raina,SM). Government Self Employment Schemes under KVIB were covered by Brig Harcharan Singh, Director North WWF. The Govt Policies and new additions were explained by Col Veteran from Pathankot.
Lt Gen Asit Mistry covered various initiatives of WWF providing support to Disabled soldiers through various schemes. They are also visited, in the process, by officials of WWF, which cements the bond of brotherhood and Camaraderie further. Various initiatives undertaken by WWF are as under:-
(a) Provision of Modified Scooters/ Electric Wheel Chair to Disabled Veterans.
(b) Modification of Bathrooms, to make them User Friendly.
(c) Financial Help for Daughter’s Marriage.
(d) Help to Disabled Veterans to start a new Venture.
(e) Participation in various Sports events like Bombay Marathon by Disabled Soldiers, to motivate disabled soldiers to face the challenges of life and develop a positive outlook.
(f) Sp other ventures/events connected with Disabled Soldier.
Few War Wounded Soldiers shared their experiences on initiatives taken by them in living life with a positive outlook, by active participation in Social life, Sports ,Social Welfare activities and Business.
There is a plan to start a helpline, which would enable Experts to provide Counseling to the Injured Soldiers. Ex HOD of Jammu University, Prof(Dr) Arti Bakshi was present to announce her support for the venture.
A Vote of thanks was presented by Col Amitabh Amit. He thanked various Organizations, ESM , Soldiers and Media for the active participation. This Rally was successfully held with the support of Northern Command, for which Veterans and members of WWF are grateful. The unique initiative taken by Citizens of Jammu to exhibit solidarity with The Indian Armed Forces was highly appreciated.

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