Defence experts concerned over rising terror incidents in Jammu

Srinagar, July 9: Defence experts are concerned over the rising terror incidents in the Jammu region over the past year.
Once peaceful, the Rajouri, Poonch, Doda and Kuthua districts of Jammu have witnessed major terror activities during this period. The shift in focus from Kashmir to Jammu has become a cause for concern and has resulted in many casualties among security forces.
On Monday, terrorists carried out an attack on a patrolling party in the remote Machedi area of the Kathua district in the Jammu region, killing five army personnel, including a Junior Commissioned Officer, and injuring five others.
Retired Army officer Lieutenant General Sanjay Kulkarni noted that Rajouri, Poonch, Kathua, and Doda have rough terrain and are close to the LOC. With the active support of Pakistan, he said, terrorists are infiltrating Jammu and Kashmir to carry out terror activities.
“There are some locals who provide terrorists with logistical support and food in exchange for money. Without local support, it is not possible for terrorists to carry out attacks. Once they carry out an attack, they hide in the forests and caves of the Poonch and Rajouri districts,” he told Morning Kashmir.
Kulkarni, a well-known defense expert in India, has served in all parts of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh for years and is well-versed with the region’s topography. He stated that security agencies need to identify and dismantle these caves. “Similarly, there need to be harsh measures against those who support terrorists. Those providing shelter or any support should have their properties seized and handed over to the government for different government offices,” he said.
He also emphasized the need for more human intelligence to immediately inform security agencies of any suspicious activity. “For this, we need local support. The government needs to provide these poor people with more welfare benefits so they are not lured by terrorists with money,” he said.
Former Director General of J&K Police S. P. Vaid stated that Kathua has remained very peaceful, but it is disturbing that terrorists carried out attacks in the area. “This group, which carried out an attack in Kathua, had crossed from Pakistan 4-5 weeks ago and then was divided into two. One group of three terrorists was eliminated in Doda, and the group which carried out the attack in Kathua seems to be the second group,” he said.
He mentioned that all terrorists operating in Jammu are foreigners receiving some support from locals. Vaid said Pakistan is facing a crisis and is now creating trouble in J&K to divert attention from the real issues the country is facing.
Meanwhile, security forces have launched a massive search operation in Kathua. The ground search teams are being supported by helicopter and UAV surveillance. Sniffer dogs and metal detectors are also being employed in the operation, focusing on some dense forest areas in the belt, to eliminate terrorists who are believed to be three in number.

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