Deputy Commissioner Rajouri inspects progress of work on Koteranka Khawas Road

RAJOURI, SEPTEMBER 27: Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal today conducted a thorough inspection of the ongoing construction work on the Koteranka Khawas road.

He was accompanied by the Executive Engineer (XEN) of the Public Works Department Koteranka, Vikas Bhel.

The 30.2 kilometer Koteranka Khawas road project, a cornerstone of regional infrastructure development, carries an estimated cost of Rs 68 crore, the road holds immense promise in improving the lives of the local population residing along its route.

During the inspection, the Deputy Commissioner underscored the critical importance of adhering to stringent quality parameters throughout the construction process. He emphasized the need for uncompromising commitment to quality, ensuring that the road not only connects communities but also stands as a symbol of durability and resilience in the face of environmental challenges.

“The Koteranka Khawas road is more than just a physical connection; it is a lifeline that will enhance connectivity, facilitate trade and open new avenues of progress for the people of this region. We must ensure that it meets the highest standards of construction, adheres to timelines, and becomes a source of pride for generations to come,” he said

The visit of the Deputy Commissioner and his unequivocal commitment to the success of the project has injected renewed enthusiasm among the teams working tirelessly on its implementation. The local community, too, eagerly anticipates the completion of the road recognizing the transformational impact it will have on their lives.

As the project continues to progress, the administration and stakeholders remain steadfast in their dedication to delivering a world-class road infrastructure that will stand as a testament to growth and development of Rajouri district.

NO: PR/DDI/J-3437//

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