District Hospital Kulgam achieves new milestone in Cataract extraction: MS

KULGAM, NOVEMBER 01: Six patients were operated today for cataract surgery in District Hospital, Kulgam therefore making a significant stride vis-à-vis improving the healthcare in the district.
Phaco was done on all patients under a single topical drop of Propacaine 0.5%, with no postoperative pad, bandage and local injection, informed the Medical Superintendent (M.S) District Hospital Kulgam.
He added that from the era of ECCE to SICS for cataract extraction, when it would take two to three days for postoperative rehabilitation, medical science has evolved beyond expectations and all operating surgeons have to maintain the skill and pace with these latest technological advances.
Patient could see just after completion of surgery. It is first of its kind of such a technique at any District hospital of J&K UT which is used to operate the patients.
With this technique, cataract surgery becomes an OPD procedure with just two hours of short stay hospital admission.
He expressed gratitude to the administration and congratulated Dr. Dilawar Consultant Ophthalmologist and his team for conducting such surgical interventions.

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