Eid Festivities Marred by Gridlocks as Incomplete Projects Clog Srinagar Roads

Srinagar, June 25: As Kashmir gears up to celebrate Eid ul Adha on Monday, the usual festive rush in markets has been accompanied by an astonishing level of traffic chaos across the city. The culprit? Incomplete road and infrastructure projects that have narrowed roads and led to blockades, causing severe congestion.
The scenes on the streets of Srinagar paint a grim picture, with traffic moving at a snail’s pace and tempers flaring amidst the honking cacophony. The widening of footpaths, meant to improve pedestrian accessibility, has ironically contributed to the gridlock, as these very footpaths have been occupied by vendors, leaving even less space for vehicles.
“It’s a complete nightmare trying to navigate through these jammed roads,” lamented Mushtaq Ahmad, a commuter caught in the chaos. “With Eid just around the corner, I expected smoother traffic flow, not this utter mayhem.”
The incomplete infrastructure projects, which were supposed to enhance the city’s connectivity, have instead created blockades that act as bottlenecks, exacerbating the traffic woes.
“We’ve been living with this chaos for months now,” said Shabir Ahmad, a shopkeeper in Lal Chowk. “These unfinished projects have not only disrupted our businesses but have also made it incredibly difficult for our customers to reach us during this crucial festive period.”
Authorities have acknowledged the problem and are scrambling to find temporary solutions, but locals remain skeptical about any immediate relief.
“Every year, we’re promised better traffic management, but the situation only seems to worsen,” said Inayat Hussain, a frustrated resident. “It’s as if the authorities wait for festivals like Eid to create chaos on our roads.”
Traffic officials, however, insist that they are doing their best to mitigate the situation.
“We understand the frustration of the public,” said Sajad Ahmad, a traffic police official. “But with these incomplete projects and encroachments on footpaths, our hands are tied. We’re doing everything we can to keep the traffic moving, but it’s an uphill battle.”
As Eid ul Adha approaches, the hope among Srinagar’s residents is that the festivities will not be marred by the gridlock that has become an all-too-familiar sight on their roads. Until then, they brace themselves for more honking, more delays, and more frayed nerves as they navigate the chaos.

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