Zeashta Devi Committee Organizes Lungar for Kheer Bhawani Devotees

Ehsan Parray:

Srinagar, June 14: The Zeashta Devi Prabandhak Committee in Gupkaar, Srinagar, organized a Lungar (community meal) facility for devotees, providing them with free meals during their visit to the Zeashta Devi Temple, particularly devotees of the Mata Kheer Bhawani temple. This initiative aimed to support and cater to the needs of hundreds of pilgrims, ensuring they had access to food and refreshments as part of their spiritual journey. The Lungar was organized under the supervision of the committee’s Secretary, Ravi Jogi. Lungars are a common practice in many religious traditions, particularly in Sikhism, where they emphasize community service and equality by offering free meals to all visitors, regardless of their background.

Talking to Morning Kashmir, Ravi Jogi said, “We organize this type of Lungar every year in the lawns of this beautiful temple and help the devotees during the Mata Kheer Bhawani Mela. This event is a cherished tradition where we come together to share food, foster community spirit, and offer service to all.” After speaking with different devotees from various states, the devotees extended their heartfelt gratitude to the Lungar committee for their unwavering dedication and hard work. The committee’s efforts in organizing and managing the langar have ensured that everyone receives a nourishing meal in a welcoming and inclusive environment. The selfless service and commitment of the committee members are deeply appreciated by all who benefit from this essential community service.

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