Empowering spiritual awakening at ‘Mahadhyaan and Healing Shivir’

JAMMU, NOV 25: The inaugural day of the two-day spiritual event, “Mahadhyaan and Healing Shivir-3,” organized by the Power of Meditation Trust, featured enlightening sessions aimed at fostering self-discovery and holistic well-being. Renowned life coach, mind programmer, and spiritual master, Mr. Gaurav Vig, started the day with a session on self-healing, setting the tone for profound insights.

The event included sessions by spiritual luminaries such as Rajshre Sawhney on Relationship Healing, Archana Sharma on the Science of Water, and Sapna Kohli on the Power of Prayer. Mr. Gaurav Vig’s sessions on handling negativity, negative individuals, and strategies to cope with anxiety and depression were particularly impactful.

The event attracted a diverse audience and created a transformative atmosphere, sparking a newfound sense of spirituality among participants. The collective wisdom shared during the day is expected to instigate positive changes in the lives of those in attendance.

As Day 2 unfolds, the “Mahadhyaan and Healing Shivir” looks forward to building on this momentum, further enriching the spiritual journey of all participants. The event is scheduled to take place on November 25th and 26th, 2023, at PANJ MANDIR Chhanni Himmat Jammu.

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