Families of missing govt employees, pensioners to get quicker monetary relief

SRINAGAR, FEB 21: The Jammu & Kashmir government has announced major amendments to existing rules to provide faster financial assistance to families grappling with the sudden disappearance of a breadwinner employed with the UT administration.

As per a notification dated 20 February 2024 from the J&K Finance Department, families can now stake claim to dues like family pension, leave encashment and other retirement benefits within 6 months of registering a police complaint stating that the government servant has gone missing. The amended Article 249-P of the Jammu & Kashmir Civil Services Regulations, 1956 outlines the complete procedures.

Earlier, families had to wait for years to receive such monetary entitlements due to lengthy legal formalities even though the sole earning member was missing. “The new rules are a boon for anguished families struggling to make ends meet in the absence of regular income. Quick disbursal of retirement benefits and pension will provide huge relief,” said a government official

According to the notification, major features of Amended Article 249-P are: Family pension, gratuity, leave encashment and GPF payments can be applied for 6 months after lodging FIR of a missing person. Pension and retirement benefits can be sanctioned once an indemnity bond and police complaint are submitted. Family pension accrues from date of expiry of leave or last salary paid, or date of FIR – whichever is later.

Retirement gratuity must be paid to family within 3 months else interest is payable for delays. Salaries, leaves, GPF and other dues to be settled in favour of nominee as per available records.

The notification also clearly defines the formats for the indemnity bonds and sureties to be signed by claimants in case the government employee, pension-holder or family pensioner later turns up alive.

“The amended rules will minimize hardships caused to families struggling with loss of income,” said J&K Finance Department official. Employee groups have welcomed the move aimed at providing faster monetary relief to aggrieved families.

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