Famous kashmiri matka kulfi seller who performed 6 hajjs

Srinagar, July 08 : Kashmir valley is known for it’s art, culture and heritage which is widely known throughout the territory and India and the world . District Srinagar is most prominently featured to be the soul of J&k and downtown area popularly known as shehr e khas is famous for it’s rich heritage and lifestyle which attracts visitors to spend quality time in the area. The place being famous for barbeques of khayam, harisa from Aali kadal, delicious matka kulfi from bohri kadal and what not. Then it comes to name Matka, we enshrine ourself with perseverance and taste which matka kulfi consists of, and our mind gets prepared to have it with white noodles that adds to it’s flavour. We forget everything from the main bazaar of bohri kadal but our eyes attract the stall of milky ice cream famously called matka kulfi. Matka kulfi in Kashmir has a long history behind and it was first made by famous “Amma

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