Gandhiji has been my idol, I have immense respect for him in my heart – Nikita Rawal on India’s 77th Independence Day

Mumbai, 15 Aug : Nikita Rawal is a stunner of a talent and performing artiste in the true sense of the term. Not just a popular public figure, she’s also someone who’s extremely humble and is known to connect well with her fans. She’s a true-blue patriot by heart and no wonder, on a special day like Independence Day, she does her best to pay respect to her country and do welfare for humanity at her very best.
Ahead of India’s 77th Independence Day, Nikita Rawal talks about her love for her country and about her favourite freedom fighter. She reveals,
“India is a land known for its cultural heritage and the beauty of my country lies in its diversity. What appears so beautiful and amazing today was once under the clutches of a foreign rule. We can’t even imagine what would have been the situation if our country wasn’t made free by our respected freedom fighters. While I have immense respect for every individual associated with India’s freedom, Mahatma Gandhi is my favourite for his non-violent policy. He has been my idol and I have immense respect for him in my heart. In today’s time, the majority of us tend to resort to violence for trivial things. That’s where Bapu’s learning helps us remain calm.”
“In the past few years, our country has been through a lot. Be it terrorist attacks or a global pandemic, we as a country have always had an answer for everything and it’s truly special to have been born in this country. I am proud of my motherland. Jai Hind. Vande Mataram.”
On the work front, Nikita Rawal is set to announce interesting projects going forward. Stay tuned for more special updates.

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