Jammu Kashmir Apni Party held workers meeting at Naidkhai Bandipora.

Bandipora, Feb 12 : Jammu Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) on Monday held a meeting of its workers at Naidkhai Bandipora. The meeting was presided over by the party’s Vice President Usman Majid. Among others who were present in the meeting include Senior Leader and Apni Party Constituency Incharge Sonawari Imtiyaz Parray, Provincial Joint Secratary Noor Mohammad, District President Bandipora Syed Shafat Qazmi, Youth President Wasif Mir, Zonal President Sonawari Irshad Ahmad Wani, Women District Secretary Sahista Afzal, Vice Zonal President Bandipora Ghulam Nabi, District Secratary, Abdul Rahim, Block President Naidkhai Mehraj Ud Din and other senior party workers.
Vice President Usman Majid, in his address, underscored the paramount importance of grassroots connection and urged urged party workers to deepen their connections with the communities in their respective areas. He emphasized the importance of genuine engagement, calling upon the workers to listen attentively to the concerns and aspirations of the people and to serve as their advocates on the ground.
Majid stated, “It is imperative that we connect with the people at the grassroots level and understand their concerns. Unlike some dynastic political parties, JKAP is committed to genuine representation and service. Let us not be swayed by emotional slogans and empty assurances; instead, let our actions and commitment speak louder than words.”
Vice President Usman Majid articulated JKAP’s pragmatic approach, stating that the party does not make lofty promises or indulge in grandiose rhetoric. Instead, JKAP is dedicated to the tangible goals of fostering peace, prosperity, and development in Jammu and Kashmir, while ensuring the political and economic empowerment of its people.
He said, “Time has come when the people must know that the traditional political parties who remained in power in the past have only exploited the masses over the years. Thus, people need to be cautious this time by not giving away their vote to these traditional exploiters.”He added,

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