J&K districts set to shine internationally with unique product recognition

SRINAGAR, NOV 24: In a groundbreaking move, every district in Jammu and Kashmir is set to gain international recognition through its unique exports, thanks to the “District as Export Hub Scheme” initiated by the government.
Under this scheme, more than 75 products, ranging from cricket bats in Anantnag to red rice in Kupwara, have been identified across 20 districts of Jammu and Kashmir, showcasing a diverse array of offerings with significant global demand.
The government aims to encompass agricultural, horticultural, handicraft, and industrial products in the export scheme, fostering economic growth and visibility on the international stage.
For instance, Anantnag, renowned for cricket bats, walnuts, Mushkbudji, honey, red chillies, and trout fish, will now export these products under the scheme. Similarly, Kani Shawl, Sozni, and Crewel from Budgam district, and red rice and walnuts from Kupwara are also set to make their mark in the global market.
Ganderbal district, known for wicker willow, trout fish, and Kani shawls, along with Bandipora, with products like black cumin, honey, trout fish, and crewel-based shawls, are poised to leverage their export potential.
Pulwama and Shopian, famed for apple and saffron products, respectively, will see these items marketed globally, while Srinagar will showcase eleven distinct products, including copperware, walnut wood carvings, silk, honey, silk carpets, strawberries, chain-stitch leather, pashminas, bakery goods, kani shawls, and paper machie.
Jammu division has also contributed to the export portfolio, featuring honey, pickles, walnuts, bamboo, mushrooms, Basmati rice, and Rajmah.
An official from the Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization highlighted the government’s focus on marketing products with substantial export potential. The initiative encourages artisans, growers, and manufacturers in each district to enhance production while upholding quality standards.
The District as Export Hub Scheme signifies a strategic effort to not only showcase the rich diversity of products from each district but also to propel Jammu and Kashmir onto the global economic stage.

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