Leonardo DiCaprio’s environment based film on the Amazon rainforest, We Are Guardians set to make its India premiere at ALT EFF 2023

Mumbai, Nov 17 : Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his endeavours that are focused on impacts of climate change and has often been associated with many causes to help bring awareness to the urgent effects of climate change on our planet. All Living Things Environmental Film Festival (ALT EFF) will have the inclusion of two impactful documentary films supported by renowned actor and environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio.
We Are Guardians, directed by Chelsea Greene, Rob Groman, and Edivan Guajajara, takes center stage at ALT EFF 2023 and will have its India premiere at the festival. This powerful documentary follows Indigenous forest guardian Marçal Guajajara and activist Puyr Tembé as they valiantly battle against deforestation, illegal logging activities, and the encroachment of their territories by extractive industries. This heart-rending story illuminates the courage and determination of those fighting to protect our planet’s precious natural resources.
Path of the Panther will also screen at the festival and is directed by Eric Bendick, offers audiences a unique glimpse into the mysterious world of the Florida Panther. This captivating documentary delves into the fascinating natural history of this endangered species, exploring their survival in an ancient ecosystem. With Leonardo DiCaprio’s support, Path of the Panther showcases the urgency of preserving the delicate balance of our environment and the importance of coexisting with endangered species.
Leonardo DiCaprio, renowned for his tireless advocacy for climate change and environmental conservation, has backed these films as part of his commitment to raising awareness about pressing environmental issues through the medium of cinema. His support highlights the crucial role that storytelling plays in inspiring positive change and fostering environmental stewardship.
Speaking of this, the director of We Are Guardians, said, “We’re so grateful to be a part of ALTEFF, with this incredible opportunity to screen the film in India. We Are Guardians is a story that needs to be heard. The state of the Amazon and the situation for Indigenous peoples in Brazil is extremely urgent. Truly it’s a matter that concerns the whole world. It’s incredible to have Leonardo DiCaprio join our team. He has been a huge advocate for environmental and human rights issues throughout his life and an inspiration in the way he uses his worldwide platform to speak out about what’s happening. We hope with his help and support we can bring a lot more attention to the film and to the greater cause”.

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