Operation Kali: ‘Successful joint operation thwarted terrorist infiltration bid’

SRINAGAR, NOV 16: Operation Kali was a successful joint operation executed by Indian Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police, along the Line of Control in Uri Sector on November 15, 2023, in which a terrorist infiltration bid was eliminated and this bid was the second attempt in the same area, where the previous infiltration attempt was successfully eliminated.

The Army in a statement said, “This joint operation was launched in the early hours of 15 November 2023, on specific intelligence from own sources and SB, Srinagar, with respect to the likelihood of infiltration of terrorists across Line of Control in Uri sector. Based on the intelligence own counter intelligence and surveillance grids in this area was strengthened and own ambush were deployed.”

The weather during the operation was inclement and the area of this operation was treacherous in terms of terrain. At around 08:30 am on 15 November 2023, suspicious movement of terrorists was spotted and continuously tracked by own surveillance grid and at 08:50 am, the infiltrating terrorists were observed crossing Line of Control and were engaged by own teams with heavy volume of fire. The terrorists retaliated to own fire and in the ensuing gunfight during the initial contact, one of the terrorists was neutralized. Once the firing stopped, the area was kept under constant surveillance and sanitized. Thereafter, deliberate search of the area was undertaken. During the search of the area, contact was established with the second terrorist, who was hiding in the area and he was subsequently neutralized. 

Post culmination of the physical search of the area, this operation has resulted in neutralization of two terrorists, whose mortal remains have been recovered; however, there may be more terrorist casualties who could be on the other side of the line of control. We did not cross the line of control. The other recoveries included war like stores  encompassing two AK series rifles, two pistols, 04 Chinese hand grenades, ammunition along with medicines, eatables, Rupees 2630/- PKR and Pakistan National identity Card. Op Kali is a testimony of the synergy between the security and the intelligence agencies in Jammu and Kashmir and is also a mark of professionalism, courage, selfless service and valor of our soldiers.

The salient aspect of this operation is the neutralization of Bashir Ahmed Malik, one of the two terrorists killed. He was an important cog in the Pakistan enabled cross border terrorism Jammu and Kashmir. He was an important terrorist launch commander for terror tanzeems from Leepa in the North to the areas in PoJ&K opp Rajouri in the South. He has enabled infiltration of countless terrorists across the line of control, which has resulted in the loss of lives of many Indian citizens, both in and out of the uniform. His neutralization is a major blow dealt by us to the terror infrastructure across the line of control and its sympathizers and supporters. The repeated infiltration attempts through the same area in Uri sector displays the desperation of our adversary to push more terrorists into the Kashmir valley to spoil the prevailing peace and tranquility. We have a robust line of control security grid and on a high vigil. The Indian Army is well prepared to defeat any such infiltrations attempts and we will not let the enemy succeed with his devious designs.

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