Over 11 lakh participate in UT Foundation Day online competitions

JAMMU, OCT 31: Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir celebrated its Foundation Day with an unprecedented display of enthusiasm, under the theme ‘Badalta Jammu & Kashmir, Badhta Jammu & Kashmir – Aman aur Taraqqi ki Nayi Tasveer,’ symbolizing the remarkable transformation the region has undergone since its reorganization.

The resounding success of this year’s celebration owes much to the overwhelming participation of the public, specially the youth. On 21st October 2023, Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, inaugurated a series of online competitions, offering a platform for the citizen engagement.

The Information Technology Department of Jammu and Kashmir introduced a range of online competitions in various categories, including Painting, Photography, Videography, Essay/Poetry writing, and a Selfie Competition. The response to these competitions has been remarkable with more than 11 lakh participants spanning all age groups.

Participants from various segments of society like schoolchildren, sports enthusiasts, the elderly, and professionals, including public servants, actively joined in the festivities. The overwhelming response through the portal underscores the growing embrace of e-governance, particularly among the tech-savvy generation, indicating the increasing public engagement with digital platforms for various activities, including celebrating the Foundation Day.

The UT Foundation Day celebrations not only highlight the unity and progress of Jammu and Kashmir but also showcase the region’s potential and the talent of its people. These celebrations serve as a testament to new and positive image region is embracing as it advances forward. It also reflects the cultural diversity and rich heritage of Jammu and Kashmir, showcased through various art forms and expressions, like paintings, photography depicting transformational changes, videos depicting the cultural tapestry, and thought-provoking essays and poetry.

The diverse participation from enthusiastic schoolchildren to sports aficionados, the wisdom of the elderly, and dedicated professionals, including public servants, has contributed to making the Foundation Day celebrations a true representation of the spirit of Jammu and Kashmir. The overwhelming response through contest portal is a testament to growing embrace of e-governance, particularly among the tech-savvy younger generation, who are actively engaging with digital platforms for various activities and taking keen interest in celebrating the region’s transformation and progress.

The winners of these competitions will not only receive exciting prizes, including cash awards, but also gain recognition for their creative contributions, encouraging the talent pool in Jammu and Kashmir to shine on a larger stage. The results of these competitions will be eagerly awaited, and an official prize distribution ceremony will be organized to honor the remarkable achievements of the participants, adding to the jubilant atmosphere of the Foundation Day celebrations.

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