Road accidents claim 2 to 3 lives daily in J&K

SRINAGAR, NOV 15: Raising concerns about road safety, Jammu and Kashmir witnesses an average of two to three daily road accident fatalities, surpassing the national average.

Most accidents take place in the twin capitals of Jammu and Kashmir, with the Chenab valley, particularly the Doda district, experiencing a notable surge in accidents due to factors like challenging terrain, increased vehicles, inadequate road infrastructure, negligent driving, and worn-out vehicles.

On Wednesday a devastating road accident also took place in Doda in which at least 37 people died.

According to official figures at least 4200 road accident deaths have been reported over the last five years in Jammu and Kashmir indicating 800 lives lost annually in the Union Territory. The figures reveal that two to three deaths are reported daily in J&K.

The primary cause of these accidents according to a report was identified as “overspeeding”.

The absence of trauma centres on highways in Jammu and Kashmir contributes to delays and a higher fatality rate than the national average.

Emphasizing a collective responsibility, an official stated that reducing road accidents is not solely the Traffic Department’s duty but requires broader community involvement. Despite recommendations from a House Committee urging action from relevant departments, including Transport, Traffic, and R&B, to address the escalating accidents, official sources indicate a failure to implement these suggestions, he said.

While the Traffic Department claims to have implemented measures to combat accidents, acknowledging negligence as a primary cause, it recognizes the existence of other contributing factors. “The challenge remains multifaceted, demanding a comprehensive approach beyond law enforcement. Road safety measures and awareness campaigns are of utmost importance to protect commuters’ lives and reduce the tragic toll of road accidents,” a senior official of the Traffic Department, said.

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