Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra symbolises J&K’s communal harmony

While the annual Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra holds immense significance for Hindu devotees across the world, the people from the Muslim community in the valley equally hold the pilgrimage and the holy cave in high esteem. The yatra symbolises Jammu and Kashmir’s centuries-old tradition of communal harmony and brotherhood. This year’s yatra is special for many reasons including the highest number of pilgrims registering for darshan and also for the up-to-the-mark arrangements and facilities being put in place for the visitors. The yatris are hailing the exceptional facilities and several other amenities put by the J&K administration at their disposal. The welcome and assistance being provided by the local Muslims epitomises the remarkable display of communal harmony. Mount Kailash has undergone meticulous preparations this year, with aerial surveys being conducted to address any potential emergencies, and mountain rescue teams have been deployed for swift evacuation if required besides uninterrupted telecommunication services. As twilight descends, the sprawling camp, vigilantly guarded by dedicated security forces, transforms into a vibrant spectacle. Pilgrims arriving at the base camps are greeted with resplendent community kitchens adorned with colorful lights and decorations. The air resonates with devotional hymns emanating from loudspeakers, interlaced with announcements about lost and found articles. This yatra is not merely a business endeavour for the locals but an integral part of their social fabric. In our Rishi culture, there is no room for intolerance, religious bias, or bigotry. Rishi culture encompasses its customs and creed, transcending the boundaries of religious affiliations. Whether one is a Rishi Muslim or a Rishi Pandit, the common thread is the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. The Amarnath Yatra stands as a towering example of the centuries-old Rishi culture of Kashmiris. The Lieutenant Governor-led administration as well as the PM Modi-led Central government deserves all hail and appreciation for making this spiritual pilgrimage a memorable one and the memories to cherish.

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