TV actors’ Janmashtami celebrations in their hometowns!

Mumbai, Sep 07 : Janmashtami is joyously commemorated to honour the birth of Lord Krishna. This festival is embraced by people worldwide, each observing it uniquely. Various &TV artists provide glimpses into the festivities unfolding in their respective hometowns. These include Aayudh Bhanushali (Krishna), Neha Joshi (Yashoda), RJ Mohit (Manoj) in Doosri Maa, Geetanjali Mishra (Rajesh), Charrul Malik (Rusa) in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, and Shubhangi Atre (Angoori Bhabi), Saanand Verma (Anokhe Lal Saxena) in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai. Neha Joshi, aka Yashoda from Doosri Maa, shares, “The dynamism of Janmashtami in Maharashtra is remarkably vibrant. Individuals form human pyramids everywhere you look with exuberance to conquer the Dahi Handi, a pot filled with curd, milk, fruits, and sweets. The entire essence of Janmashtami radiates with a vivid and divine aura in Maharashtra. Growing up in Nashik, I was fortunate to be close to this experience. Every corner would witness people gathering for the Dahi Handi event, and as youngsters, we were resolute in not missing a single bit of it. We would dash around tirelessly, capturing every moment, eager to witness who would finally triumph in breaking the pot. A remarkably positive atmosphere was fostered amid the temple adornments and devotional melodies. However, my highlight was swaying to the rhythm of the drums and singing ‘Govinda ala re ala,’ following the enjoyment of puran poli and traditional homemade treats lovingly crafted by my mother.” Geetanjali Mishra, Rajesh from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, shares, “The Janmashtami Festival is widely celebrated, but its grandeur reaches even greater heights in Uttar Pradesh. I have personally participated in these festivities in the past. Numerous individuals flock to the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple in Mathura to partake in the celebrations. The city comes alive with performances of Krishna’s Rasleelas by amateur artists. Some of these enactments are so captivating that devotees are engulfed by their devotion to Lord Krishna. In my hometown of Varanasi, significant celebrations were also held. My grandmother would craft special prasads like Malai Peda, Charnamrit, and Dhaniya Panjiri, offered as a tribute to Lord Krishna. Subsequently, we would visit temples to distribute these homemade offerings and engage in the bhajans sung there. I even requested a Radha costume from my mother during childhood, a delight I relished wearing. May Lord Krishna bestow love and concord upon us all. Wishing you a joyful Janmashtami.”
Shubhangi Atre, Angoori Bhabi from Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, shares, “I recall how all the temples in Madhya Pradesh would be splendidly decorated during this period, and the matki-tod ceremony was truly mesmerising to witness. My father used to accompany me to the renowned Laxminarayan Temple, also known as the Birla Temple or Krishna Parnami Temple, where the festivities unfolded on a grand scale to seek blessings. Back at home, we would paint baby footprints on the floor, symbolising the strides of Baal Krishna. We would stay awake until midnight for the aarti, savouring homemade delicacies such as Makhan mishri, lauki ki barfi, makhana kheer, and more, lovingly prepared by my mother and Dadi (grandmother), and then offered to Lord Krishna. The entire preparation for the festival exuded an aura of pure delight, saturating the surroundings with positivity. I yearn to relive these experiences once more. May Lord Krishna bestow joy and serenity upon this Janmashtami upon everyone’s lives.” Aayudh Bhanushali, aka Krishna from Doosri Maa, shares, “Hailing from Gujarat, where Janmashtami is embraced with immense enthusiasm, this festival holds a special corner in my heart for numerous reasons. While my mother and the other women at home fast on this day, the children decorate the cradle with flowers and garlands in anticipation of Kanha Ji’s arrival. The celebrations commence with bathing the Krishna idol in milk and water. We dress the idol in new attire and jewellery, followed by a midnight aarti and mangal aarti. Our offerings to the Lord encompass Makhana pag, Kheer, Charnamrit, and Ladoo enriched with dry fruits. Exploring nearby Krishna temples, we participate in the festivities, witnessing embellishments and revelries, including skits based on Lord Krishna’s teachings in the Bhagavad Gita. Garba dancing becomes a spirited engagement, and the esteemed Dwarkadhish Temple is adorned most splendidly. It’s my tradition to personify Krishna while my sisters embody Gopis. I’m eagerly looking forward to celebrating with my family this year.”
RJ Mohit, aka Manoj from Doosri Maa, shares, “Jaipur comes alive with vibrant Janmashtami celebrations. Temples are embellished with intricate decorations, and unique rituals take place. The community observes fasting, offers prayers, and participates in heartfelt devotional singing and dancing. The city radiates a jubilant ambience with various cultural performances and events. The Govind Dev Ji and Krishna Balram temple stands out as a central hub for these celebrations, and I always seize the opportunity to visit, fully immersing myself in the festive spirit.” Charrul Malik, Rusa from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, shares, “Chandigarh embraces Janmashtami with immense enthusiasm. Temples are decked out, prayers reverberate, and devotional melodies fill the air. Traditional dances like Raas Leela captivate participants. The city buzzes with a festive atmosphere and collective gatherings. Krishna idols are bathed and adorned, and delectable sweets take centre stage. It’s a time of both devotion and exuberance. Alongside my family, we visit these temples, seeking blessings and marvelling at the distinct decorations each one showcases. In Chandigarh, a mela is also organised, sparking excitement in my siblings and me as we indulge in treats and pick-up toys. Among my cherished festivals, I am sure to witness this splendour whenever I have the chance to return to my hometown.” Saanand Verma, Anokhe lal Saxena from Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, shares, “My family ardently reveres Lord Krishna. My mother has embraced Krishna as a cherished family member; he is cared for at home with the same devotion as any relative. While I wouldn’t label myself a devout follower, I participate in and observe this festival because our family holds Krishna in high regard. The festivity is celebrated extravagantly in my hometown of Patna, with 56 varieties of Bhog and Krishna dressed in vibrant yellow attire. A cradle is meticulously prepared and adorned with flowers, and Bhajans are melodiously played all day in his honour. As a child, I vividly remember the enthusiasm surrounding the festival. Staying awake until midnight for Janmashtami was a special thrill, and after the pooja, we would relish sweets and makhan, just as Krishna Ji would have.”
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