17202 yatries paid obeisance at Shri Amarnath Ji cave, takes figures to 84, 768

SRINAGAR, JULY 06: With 17202 yatries paying obeisance at the Shri Amarnathji Holy Cave on Thursday, the cumulative total of pilgrims reached to 84768 on the 7th day of yatra.
Among the pilgrims who visited Holy Cave were 12408 males, 4095 females, 490 children, 192 Sadhus and 17 Sadvis.
The influx of yatries continue to surge with each passing day making it one of the most successful yatra in the country.
The entire yatra is being monitored from Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) at HMT which has been put in use for Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra since 2022.
ICCC, HMT is being integrated with RFID to monitor Yatra remotely on real time basis. All departments monitor and send communication to their staff in field from here to cater to the requirements of yatries.
ICCC helps in effective management of operations in exceptional scenarios such as disaster mitigation using information and communication technologies.
An official at ICCC said that ICCC has been Integrated with RFID which is a pure data science and helps in effective crowd control management, traceability, avoidance of traffic jams and management besides ensures coordination among all stake holders on a real time basis.
The data analysis and simulation models are effective in disaster mitigation and preemptive actions, he added.

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