BJP all set to return with thumping majority in 2024: Rana

JAMMU AUGUST 11- Senior BJP leader Mr Devender Singh Rana today said, India is all set to enter into glorious chapter of its economic and developmental odyssey post-independence to become the world’s third blooming economy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading the party to its third consecutive term in 2024 general elections.
In an interaction with the various deputations, individuals along with Mrs Veenu Khanna, BJP State Secretary during the weekly public hearing at the BJP headquarters here, Mr Devender Rana said that strong foundations have been laid during the past over nine years since 2014 due to relentless efforts of the Prime Minister in every sector that have caught the imagination of the world across continents.
“With all positives to its credit, the BJP is going to win the next year’s general elections with a thumping majority”, he added.
Mr Rana said India’s growth trajectory has inspired even the developed nations that underwent most difficult times during the Covid pandemic and added that this is how the vision and steadfastness of the Prime Minister showed the way to all those undergoing the phase of despondency and gloom. He quoted the International Monetary Fund reposing faith in the Indian economy, describing it as a very strong economy. He said the BJP led NDA government has set a target for itself to change the overall scenario of the country by overtaking the political outfits that caused huge damage to the greatest civilization of the world by indulging in exploitation and appeasement.
Mr Devender Rana said that India has not only become a bright spot in the global economy but is also witnessing a huge cultural renaissance. He referred to Yoga becoming global and the people around the world looking towards this ancient nation for quenching their spiritual thirst. This has become possible because of the BJP’s strong belief in India’s great traditions and values. These have to be imbibed among the compatriots for making India stronger, he added.
Referring to the turnaround in the overall situation across Jammu and Kashmir, Mr Rana said that the era of uncertainty has been taken over by stability and the phase of gloom by blooming peace, bringing cheer in the lives of the people. He said the Prime Minister has proved beyond any doubt that Modi Hai Tu Mumkin hai while recalling the historic decision of repealing Article 370 and 35A. Nobody had thought such a thing happening in their lifetime given the tentacles of the vicious circle but the Prime Minister and his team made it happen much to the delight of millions, who have suffered due to pangs of these discriminatory constitutional provisions. This landmark decision paved the way for implementing various progressive legislations like Right to Education (RTE) Act, Safai Karmachari Act as well as the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, among other similar measures. These have empowered the weaker sections while Jammu and Kashmir is treading the path of holistic development and implementation of various people friendly schemes with full vigour, he added. He said post 5th August 2019 there has been an equitable political, social & economic empowerment of all sections of the society.
Mr Rana called for launching a vigorous awareness campaign to educate the people about fast changing scenarios in Jammu and Kashmir to offset the propaganda of those trying to mislead the people with the only objective of regaining their lost power.

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