BJP top brass set to assess readiness for 2024 Parliamentary elections in J&K

SRINAGAR, NOV 21: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is deploying its top leaders to conduct a meticulous evaluation of the party’s preparations for the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections in the pivotal region of Jammu and Kashmir.

To begin with, National General Secretary (Organizations), BL Santosh, is slated to undertake this critical mission during a two-day visit scheduled in the last week of November.

The timing of this assessment is crucial, providing the BJP’s top leader with an opportunity to engage in focused discussions with senior party functionaries, cell in-charges, and key stakeholders within the party structure.

The primary objective of this visit is to scrutinize and fine-tune the party’s groundwork as it gears up to face the challenges of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Jammu and Kashmir holds significant political importance, particularly following the abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019. The BJP’s proactive approach in reviewing its preparations underscores the party’s commitment to not only maintaining but also strengthening its foothold in this strategically vital region.

During the two-day visit, BL Santosh, probably along with other top leaders, is expected to delve into intricate details such as campaign strategies, candidate selection, and the overall electoral preparedness of the BJP.

 “The discussions are anticipated to be comprehensive, encompassing a thorough analysis of the political landscape in Jammu and Kashmir,” the party insiders said.

Sources within the party indicate that the focus will be on tailoring the party’s message to resonate with the diverse population of the region.

The leaders will explore ways to address specific concerns and aspirations of the people, recognizing the unique dynamics that influence voter sentiments in Jammu and Kashmir.

 “The visit is seen as an opportunity for the BJP’s leadership to gain insights, receive constructive feedback, and make informed decisions to enhance the party’s electoral prospects. The outcome of these high-level meetings in the coming days is expected to shape the party’s strategic approach in the lead-up to the 2024 parliamentary polls,” the party leaders added.

Political observers are closely monitoring the developments, recognizing that the BJP’s scrutiny of its preparations in Jammu and Kashmir marks a pivotal moment in the party’s electoral strategy.

Meanwhile, insiders disclose that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is actively gearing up for the 2024 Parliamentary polls, strategically targeting not only the retention of both Lok Sabha seats in Jammu and Udhampur successfully held for two consecutive terms in 2014 and 2019 but also eyeing the acquisition of a third seat in South Kashmir-Poonch.

The party’s preparations go beyond fortifying its stronghold in Jammu and Udhampur, signalling a bold ambition to expand its electoral influence into the challenging South Kashmir-Poonch constituency.

Recognizing the constituency’s distinctive Pahadi population, the BJP aims to connect with this demographic by addressing their specific concerns and aspirations. This move reflects the BJP’s intent to diversify its representation in Jammu and Kashmir and overcome historical electoral barriers. Alongside these endeavours, the party is strategically planning to make a formidable impact in the remaining two Lok Sabha seats of Srinagar-Budgam and Baramulla-Kupwara. The emphasis is on making significant inroads in these constituencies, acknowledging the importance of a comprehensive and widespread electoral presence.

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