Border residents bearing the brunt of Pak’s ceasefire violations

The recent unprovoked shelling by Pakistani Rangers in the Arnia Sector of Jammu district has reignited concerns over the fragile peace along the International Border, violating the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan authorities signed in February 2021. This disturbing incident has left several villages in disarray, prompting strong condemnation and urgent calls for action. Political leaders, including former ministers and party representatives, have toured the affected areas, expressing deep concern and solidarity with the affected families. These leaders have demanded immediate action to ensure the safety and security of residents in border towns, emphasizing the paramount importance of safeguarding lives and property. The escalation of violence has resulted in the displacement of families, causing immense distress. The damage caused to homes and infrastructure is a stark reminder of the vulnerability faced by those living on the border. Calls for swift compensation, repair of damaged homes, and the construction of additional civilian bunkers have resonated in these troubled times. Amidst these challenges, the resilience of the border residents stands as a testament to their bravery. They are the first to bear the brunt of cross-border tensions, making them true frontline warriors. It is imperative that the government takes immediate measures to address their needs, ensuring that they have access to essential amenities, shelter, and security. The humanitarian aspect of this situation cannot be overlooked. The affected families, living in constant fear, deserve swift government intervention. Compensation for losses, the repair of damaged infrastructure, and the assurance of safety through the construction of functional bunkers are not just demands but essential rights for these citizens.

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