DC reviews preparedness for smooth conduct of Second Phase of B2V5 in Rajouri

RAJOURI, NOV 13: Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Vikas Kundal on Monday chaired a comprehensive review meeting assessing the preparedness for the seamless implementation of the second phase of the ‘Back to Village’ program Phase-V. E
Engaging with Block Development Officers and visiting officers known as Prabharis, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the importance of replicating the success of the initial phase of the program.
Scheduled to kick off in seven blocks, namely Darhal, Dhangri, Doongi, Khawas, Panjgrain, Plangarh, and Rajouri, the second phase of B2V5 is poised to continue its transformative impact on rural communities. The ‘Back to Village’ initiative, a flagship public outreach, participation, and feedback program by the Jammu and Kashmir Government, aims to bridge the gap between the government and its citizens.
During the meeting, a meticulous discussion unfolded, covering a myriad of activities slated for execution during the program.
The Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal underscored the profound impact of the preceding phases of the ‘Back to Village’ program, highlighting its role in identifying village-specific needs, prioritizing essential public works, and ensuring efficient last-mile delivery of various government services.
Acknowledging the pivotal role played by the program in raising awareness about government services and initiatives, the Deputy Commissioner directed stakeholder departments to mobilize the community for active participation. He stressed that the involvement of the people is paramount for the program’s success and encouraged government officers to actively engage in B2V activities to achieve the set objectives for this phase.
The ‘Back to Village’ program, which has evolved into an integral component of the Aspirational Panchayat Program, seeks to achieve service saturation and bridge the existing gap between the government and its constituents. Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal expressed optimism about the role of the program in promoting community engagement, strengthening government-citizen relations, and ensuring effective service delivery.
As the Jammu and Kashmir Government continues its commitment to the welfare of its citizens, the B2V5 program stands as a beacon of hope and progress, bringing the government closer to the people it serves.

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