DGP, Army’s Northern commander discuss comprehensive winter security plan for J&K

SRINAGAR, NOV 20: In a strategic meeting, the Jammu and Kashmir Director-General of Police (DGP) and the Northern Commander of the Indian Army, engaged in crucial discussions to formulate a comprehensive winter security plan for Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory.

The meeting, indicative of the collaborative efforts between the Army and law enforcement agencies, focused on enhancing the security apparatus in the region.

Lieutenant General Northern Commander Upendra Dwivedi and Director-General of Police RR Swain convened to assess the prevailing security scenario in Jammu and Kashmir and strategize effective measures to address evolving challenges ahead of the winter.

This marked the first interaction between Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi and DG RR Swain since the latter assumed office on October 31.

Sources said that the discussions encompassed a wide range of topics, including counter-terrorism operations, border security, intelligence sharing, and coordination between the Army and the police.

The aim was to fine-tune existing security protocols and implement new strategies in the winter months, said the sources.

The Northern Commander emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach, stating, “The security of Jammu and Kashmir is of paramount importance, and it requires a synchronized effort from all security agencies. Today’s meeting is a step towards strengthening our coordination and addressing security challenges effectively.”

The Director-General of Police, RR Swain highlighted the need for a well-coordinated response to emerging security threats.

“The discussions held today will contribute to a robust security plan that ensures the safety of the people in Jammu and Kashmir. We are committed to working closely with the Army to maintain peace and security in the region,” DGP remarked.

The meeting also delved into community engagement and measures to build trust among the local populace. Both the Army and the police recognized the significance of winning the hearts and minds of the people to create a conducive environment for sustainable peace.

While specific details of the security plan were not disclosed for operational reasons, it was conveyed that the collaborative efforts between the Army’s Northern Command and the Jammu and Kashmir Police aim to create a more resilient and secure environment.

The Army’s Udhampur-based Northern Command’s social media account, also stated, “Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi, Army Cdr NC, interacted with RR Swain, Director General of Police, Jammu and Kashmir, to discuss enhanced coordination between the forces, plans for zero tolerance to terror, and the security and administrative arrangements amid upcoming winters.”

It is worth mentioning here that the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory has experienced a worrisome increase in infiltration attempts over the past few months, leading to heightened vigilance and the implementation of robust security measures by the government and security forces.

The latest media reports reveal that 42 terrorists have been killed this year alone while attempting to infiltrate the region, underscoring the persistent challenges faced by security personnel in maintaining the integrity of the Line of Control (LoC).

Officials have reported heightened alert levels across Jammu and Kashmir, particularly along the Line of Control, to prevent any potential infiltration attempts by terrorists before heavy snowfall potentially obstructs infiltration routes. As part of an area domination exercise, anti-terrorist operations have been intensified in villages near forests and borders.

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