District Administration Samba acts tough against encroachments

SAMBA, SEPTEMBER 28: The District Administration successfully carried out a comprehensive anti-encroachment operation, leading to the reclamation of illegally occupied land within Industrial Estate Karandi Phase-III today. This initiative resulted in the recovery of valuable industrial land and the removal of unauthorised structures from the estate.

The operation was initiated under the directives of DC Samba, Abhishek Sharma and was executed collaboratively by officials from the Industries and Commerce Department, Revenue Department and the Samba Police. The primary objective was to restore the land to its designated industrial purpose.

In conjunction with this effort, an anti-encroachment drive was launched to eliminate numerous unauthorised buildings identified on the land during the operation. This action effectively demolished the illegally constructed structures on J&K SIDCO Land at Industrial Estate Karandi Phase-III.

NO: PR/DDI/J-3457// 

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